Saturday, March 22, 2008

Rachel Versus Blueberry Bagel

Rachel's eating has long been stuff of family legend. As a baby she ate far more than her older sister ever did and once she was introduced to solids she never looked back. One of my favorite mental images is 18-month-old Rachel using her index finger to push more food into her already stuffed mouth. I actually used to cut her off because she'd be sitting in her highchair with her adorable little belly all full and tight, still eating and I was afraid she'd make herself sick. She finally slowed down around the two year mark and now she usually just eats like a normal human being.

Yesterday we had bagels for breakfast and the girls got to have their favorite - blueberry. This was kind of a treat because I used to get the girls a blueberry bagel every morning to eat in the car on the way to the babysitter's house but we don't get them very often anymore. Rachel was clearly excited. She perched on Dan's lap with a smile and feasted on a piece that had, as she noted aloud "lots of blueberries!"

At one point she got a bite that was too big. Instead of taking it out of her mouth she simply went to work on it. This is classic Rachel and so Dan and I looked on in wonder as she started breathing heavily through her nose and closed her eyes in concentration as her mouth worked that chunk of bagel until she could finally swallow it. Which she did, with a big sigh - through her mouth - and an even bigger smile. "That's good!" she announced happily.

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