Monday, May 31, 2010

The bashful graduate

Anna graduated preschool last Friday. As much as this child loves attention, she does not enjoy the spotlight being thrust upon her, especially when there's been a lot of build up. The pressure causes anxiety and while she doesn't have the spectacular meltdowns she had a year or so ago, she does kind of shut down when she feels overwhelmed.

So she sang her song with her class, participated in her skit and accepted her "diploma." But that was it. I barely got her to pose for this photo taken on my BlackBerry before she insisted that all fussing come to an end. "Stop being happy," she ordered.

She did however accept Grandma Mel's offer for lunch anywhere she wanted to go. Anna's choice for this important day? Bob Evans of course. Somewhere around the time the chocolate chip pancakes arrived she even allowed me to be happy.

Monday, May 10, 2010


Anna is raiding the kitchen cabinets. She's on some kind of growth spurt and has basically eaten me out of house and home. She raises up on her tippy toes and reaches for a box of crackers.

"Can I finish these?" she asks, even as she plunges her hands into the almost-empty box.

"Sure..." I say to her back as she disappears into the family room.

"Rachel, do you want some of these?" I hear Anna ask her sister. I smile to myself at Anna's offer to share. She's such a good big sister, I think. Then she continues.

"You can have three crackers and that's all. And do NOT whine and cry like a little baby if you want more."