Friday, November 26, 2010

Rachel turning five

Rachel turned five last week. Before she went to bed on the 14th she made me tell her again about her arrival into the world. She knows that her story is different from her sister's and she enjoys hearing about how Daddy held her first, how she had to go to the special care nursery for a week but got well quickly and was home in time for Thanksgiving. After the birth story I tucked her into bed and we said goodbye to four.

At 5am on the 15th I hear her whisper into my ear, "Mommy? Am I, am I, am I... am I FIVE?" I opened my eyes and saw the anticipation in her face. When she got the answer she was waiting for she giggled in delight and climbed into my bed for birthday snuggles.

I let her choose how the day would go. At school she got the standard preschool celebration. A crown, of course, and cupcakes to hand out to her classmates.

After school we went shopping for her present. The girls have been nagging me for weeks for pillow pets. So Rachel got hers, a purple unicorn she named Uni. She is in LOVE.

After that she wanted to hit the local playground. As it was 47 degrees, we had the whole place to ourselves. She got to bounce,

strike a pose,

tackle her favorite dinosaur,

and even fly a bit.

When we could no longer feel our fingers, we went home for a viewing of The Little Mermaid, something Rachel hasn't asked for in almost a year. Then we went to visit the great-grandparents where she allowed herself to be showered with affection.

After a dinner of cheesy eggs and chocolate chip pancakes, the princess was presented with an ice cream cake.

After a few bites she mentioned that her tummy hurt. So she put on her new outfit and lay down on her new pillow pet.

Ten minutes later she threw up. And end of celebration.

Vomit aside, it was a wonderful day. Sometimes I wish I could afford a huge castle bouncy party and all the toys my girls can scribble onto their lists. Then I see how ecstatic Rachel gets over a stuffed animal and time spent in an abandoned playground and it brings me back to reality.

This kid is amazing. She is creative and hilarious and fierce and confident. I can't wait to see what five brings. Happy birthday, Rachel.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Who's on first?

I've mentioned previously how much I enjoy the conversations I get to overhear or take part in with my class of three- and four-year-olds. This week was a pretty hectic one all around and today in particular was pure chaos. At the end of the morning I was on the playground with the last few children waiting for their parents when a little boy unsure of his carpool situation approached me.

"Morah Meredith, are you taking me home?"
"No, your mommy is."
"My mommy is taking you home?"
"No, your mommy is taking you home."
"Oh. Is someone taking you home?"
"I'm taking myself home."
"You're taking your cell phone?"
"Sweetie? Have a great weekend, ok?"

Saturday, November 06, 2010


"Who are you?"

My husband whispers into the dark space on his side of the bed. A child has nestled there and he can't tell which one it is. The soft mass of strawberry scented hair in his face is no help. As my girls have explained to strangers, they are twinish. Certainly too difficult to distinguish in a dark bedroom at 5am.

There is no response, only thumb sucking and unfortunately that means it could be either one of them. I reach over and feel long-sleeved, cuffed pajamas. No help, they both went to bed in similar pjs. The child remains silent, though I can hear soft giggles muffled by the thumb.

I slide my fingers down her arm and find a dry, slender hand. Long, smooth, warm fingers instantly curl around my thumb and squeeze like she did as an infant.

"Good morning, Anna."

Friday, November 05, 2010

Super powers

Anna is filling me in her day, describing a game she played on the playground.

"We were all superheros and we all had super special powers!" I was about as unsurprised as is humanly possible when she announced that she was Anna the Dog with Special Biting Powers.

And Rachel? "Mommy, I was Rachel the Dog!" I send up a quick prayer that Anna's abiding obsession with dogs isn't rubbing off on her sister. "But I had Special Running Powers!"

Anna has an idea. "You could be Super Mommy with Puffy Tummy Power - you would make people feel so cozy!" At this, the girls start giggling hysterically.

I have to ask, "What about Daddy? What's his super power?" She thinks for a minute.

"Daddies hug you really hard... and.... well, they just love you!"

Thursday, November 04, 2010


"Mommy, why isn't there any sugar in the sugar bowl?"

"How do you know there isn't any sugar in the sugar bowl?"

"... well, I looked." She emphasizes the word looked, making sure I don't think she was eating the sugar. Rachel has a history.

"That is why there isn't any sugar in the sugar bowl."