Monday, March 17, 2008

Proclamation From Princess Anna

I've been trying really hard to keep these girls stimulated since I've been home with them but it is such a challenge. I have (very) informal music and singing times with them, we take walks when weather permits, we do art time which has recently been enhanced by an old very conveniently two-sided easel we had in the basement from Dan's childhood. While it may seem like there is always Noggin or some movie playing I try really hard not to make that our main activity every day. Which is hard in Ohio where the weather regularly sabotages good intentions and oh wait also I am sort of in between cars right now. I am searching for a preschool program for the fall but right now I'm it and wow am I overwhelmed sometimes. But I do the best I can.

Which is why it stung just a little tiny bit this morning when right in the middle of some artistic creation or another Anna threw down a wad of play doh and announced: "Mommy I am NOT having fun anymore!"

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