Sunday, June 05, 2005

Anna's Weekend

Ok, so technically it's not over yet, but it's been so eventful!

Anna is now mobile - she has rolled over a handful of times before, but now she really has the hang of it. Yesterday she was laying on her back watching (what else?) Baby Einstein, and I walked out of the room for a minute. When I came back, she was on her tummy, happily playing with her toys. She actually stayed like that for several minutes before demanding to be returned to her back. She did it again when I was reading my magazine, later that day, and that night she rolled from her back to her tummy again, and then onto her back by herself, all in the same direction. I'm sure that within a couple of days she will be able to cross the room like that! Today she has also been practicing her rolling, letting her Daddy see it as well.

Just as exciting - Anna got her ears pierced yesterday! She was such a good girl. Her Grandma accompanied us to Easton, where we went to Claire's. Grandma held her while her Mommy kept an eye out for Child Protective Services ... (!). Anna cried for a few minutes, but recovered quickly and then took a bottle and hasn't seemed to notice the earrings since. They are nice, tasteful, small gold balls. She looks even more girly now. She also seemed to really love Easton, lots of eye candy for her.

Today she's been happy because her Daddy is not working, so she got some quality time with him. She took full advantage by giggling at all of his funny faces, and of course, spitting up all over his shirt with a big huge smile.