Sunday, January 02, 2011

Just when I thought winter "break" was going to kill me

Today is the last day of the hideously misnamed winter "break." My girls loved the extra time with each other and have for the most part played together well but the last few days have been dicey. They were sniping at each other and bickering and stomping their feet and I'm pretty sure whining is now an Olympic event named after my children.

So tonight we prepared backpacks and set out clothing and packed lunches - which I'm sure will be eaten in their entirety, EYE ROLL. And as I was winding down with Anna, she noticed a woman speaking Russian on the television and asked about the subtitles.

"Do those words say what she's talking about? What is she saying?"

"She's saying thank you to God for everything turning out well."

"GOD?" Anna asked, clearly surprised. "She knows about God?!"

"Well yes, honey. Most people know about God. They might think different things about him, but they know about him."

"Wow! I thought it was just us."