Friday, March 28, 2008

Haircuts And Vomit And Fevers Oh My

Yes I just seriously just put the word "vomit" in a post title and I don't even care. Motherhood, as they say, is not for whimps and it sometimes involves vomit.

It's been an eventful week. I was really looking forward to Tuesday, when I took the girls to get their very first haircuts ever. Anna was starting to just look messy all the time with her thin wispy red waves falling into an uneven mullet. Rachel's auburn curls were getting bushy and needed some evening out. And Mommy, well Mommy was just a hot mess. A hot graying mess. So we all needed some attention.

Here is a nice "before" shot, taken a few minutes before we left the house that day.

The girls did really well at the salon. I thought Anna would be the one to freak when the scissors came out but she did not. Here she is after the cut.

Rachel on the other hand was not at all pleased.

And here she is after her unbearable three and a half minutes of torture.

Yes I know it's not that different. The picture doesn't really do it justice either because the curls look much better after the trim. And I know I should have had it cut into some sort of cute little bob but I guess I'm not ready to give up that gorgeous mop of spiral curls just yet. Sue me.

Anyway I haven't even gotten to the good part yet. On the way home Anna, who had eaten nothing more than a bag of fruit snacks and a few pieces of haircut-bribery candy since early morning, suddenly just puked. All over herself and her car seat and her grandma, who was lucky enough to be sitting next to her. And then she woke up Wednesday morning with a fever. And then Thursday morning she woke up burning so hot that her cheeks were just bright red circles beneath glazed blue eyes and the bottoms of her feet radiated heat. She spent the morning clinging to me with all four limbs and sweating all over me while watching Rachel play by herself. Which, now that I think of it, did not bother Rachel in the least.

Luckily the fever reducers are helping and Anna's been in pretty good spirits considering how yucky she has felt. Now I guess we can start taking bets on whether Rachel is going to get the bug next.

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  1. Those pictures are hilarious! They are so cute! I LOVE the blog banner!