Thursday, July 16, 2009


As part of our ongoing attempt to keep the girls in their own beds at night I decided to move them into one bedroom. They've always had their own rooms but lately when we try to tuck them in at night they have complained that they don't want to be alone in their rooms. I floated the idea of moving them in together a few months ago just to get their reactions and since then they have consistently asked when they can share a room.

So two days ago I moved some furniture and fit Rachel's bed into Anna's room. They reacted by immediately jumping on every surface they could find while singing unintelligible songs celebrating the occasion. Also, I'm the best. In case you were wondering.

Of course the true test came at bedtime and Dan was understandably skeptical. I got them settled in and explained the rules - talking to each other was ok as long as they were quiet and if one girl wanted to be quiet and sleep then her sister must respect that. Above all, and this cannot be stressed enough and let me say it again: stayinyourbed stayinyourbed stayinyourbed. It was all going smoothly until Rachel got a monster case of nervous giggles. She just could not stop and every time Anna made even the slightest noise in response it escalated. I totally understood because I do the same thing and I couldn't help but laugh along with her as she spread both hands across her cheeks and closed her eyes as she let the giggles take over. There is no more beautiful sight really.

It took an hour but Rachel finally calmed down and Anna as always displayed more tolerance with her sister than she does in any other area of life. The result? Rachel still came to our bed around 3am but Anna at least waited until daybreak. More importantly bedtime has been easier the last two nights and they love having their "sisters only" room. Now if only Dan and I could have an adults only room. A mother can dream.


  1. An adults only room... wouldn't that be nice??