Saturday, July 11, 2009

Scenes from a busy week

Please excuse the recent lag in posting. I've been busy watching my babies grow up. It's been a big week in our household and I believe I've uttered the phrase "I'm so proud of you!" more in seven days than I have in the past year, and I've meant it every single time. The words seem so small next to the sight of one's child overcoming a fear or bursting with new confidence, but other than hugs and high-fives it was the best I could do.


On day three of soccer camp Anna was lined up with four or five other kids awaiting instructions for the next game. Her counselor was looking the other way consulting another counselor when the two slightly older boys standing next to Anna turned her way. One them suddenly reached out and knocked her ball out of her hand and then the other one kicked it away. I could see that they weren't malicious, they were just bored and they didn't really mean any harm but I watched Anna's confused face. I waited for her to say something but she just stood there glaring at them. Her counselor then directed the kids to another part of the field and I saw her bend down to listen to Anna, who told her "I just want my ball back." Having not seen the incident the counselor simply assured her that she didn't need her ball for this next activity and so Anna shook it off and followed her counselor. It wasn't until that moment that I realized two things: one, I had stood up out of my seat and taken several steps toward the field. Two, she had never once looked my way. I had to take a deep breath before I returned to my seat.


On Wednesday Rachel asked for Grandma to take her to ballet and my mom obliged. After the previous week's debacle of clingy tears I gladly gave in, hoping that Rachel would be more likely to participate if I wasn't there to hang onto. I waited at the soccer field watching Anna and when I saw Rachel return I knew there had been some level of success. She strutted down the hill in her favorite purple dress, a huge smile appearing under her pink flowered hat and sparkly Dora sunglasses. "I did it Mommy!" she announced proudly. "I was brave."

A few minutes later Anna had a water break and she ran over to see if Rachel had a good ballet class. Rachel was so proud to report to her big sister and when it was time for Anna to go back on the field she gave Rachel a hug. "Good job, Rachel!" "Thank you Anna."


Thursday evening when Dan got home from work we gathered around the computer to look at some videos I had taken of Anna in action. One video was her first scrimmage against a boy eventually won the point. We gushed to her about how much she'd improved since the beginning of the week as she and Rachel fought for position on Dan's lap in front of the monitor. The fight escalated until Dan had to intervene and when Anna wanted to storm upstairs to her room (something she very rarely does) I pulled her into the kitchen instead for a talk. When I asked why she was so upset she told me: "Rachel won't let me look at the pictures. Daddy yelled at me. That boy took the ball from me."


Saturday afternoon and it's raining outside. Leotards and soccer socks are overflowing from laundry baskets and I have no food left in the kitchen because the girls have EATEN IT ALL. Anna lies on the couch with her feet up on the back where Tiger is dozing. She rubs her feet along his fur and he purrs in response. Rachel is curled up in her "little spot," a small ottoman next to my chair where her red curls spill over the edge and almost reach the floor. Thumbs are in mouths and eyelids are drooping. My girls haven't napped regularly since December but it is clear the week has taken its toll. But Anna has one more thing to say before she drifts off. "Mommy? This was the best week ever." I smile and cannot disagree.

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  1. I LOVE reading about your girls Mer! I wish my girls could come hang with your girls! I think they would have a BLAST!!!