Saturday, June 13, 2009

Ten random things about my 4-year-old

1. Anna had such a good experience with her first teeth cleaning that she wanted to be a dentist when she grows up.

2. This changed after her trip to SeaWorld in March and now she wants to be a whale trainer.

3. Anna is very proud of her artistic skills and when she's not sketching mermaids on every scrap of paper she can find she does very accurate portraits.

4. When she started eating solid foods Anna's favorite veggie was carrots. She ate so much that her nose turned orange for literally months.

5. The only two foods that Anna will now refuse to eat are raisins and... carrots.

6. She has amazing balance.

7. Any girl over the age of six is as magical to Anna as fairies and unicorns.

8. It is difficult for Anna to have her picture taken without striking a "rock star" pose. This usually involves turning sideways, throwing her hands behind her head or onto her hips, sticking one leg out and giving her best coy smile. It is three-quarters hilarious and one-quarter disturbing, at least to her mother.

9. Anna is afraid of only three things: dark, very loud noises (but only the ones not coming from her of course) and being completely alone.

10. She maintains that she wants to marry one of her classmates because "he's a nice boy and he's never naughty." Mommy and Daddy hope her taste in boys doesn't change too much.

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  1. She sounds totally adorable! We're still debating the addition of children to the mix. If we ever do sprog, I hope we end up with someone with an interesting paradox or two. :)