Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Moment of clarity

I'm in the car running errands with the girls in tow when up ahead I spot my old apartment building. I point it out to the girls and completely blow their minds by mentioning that I lived there before I even met Daddy. Anna can't believe that I lived alone and asks if I was lonely.

Immediately my mind flashes to the days when I had no one to take care of but myself. Beautiful quiet evenings spent eating what I wanted and choosing my own television programming. My bed all to myself and no one asking me for anything.

As I stop at the red light in front of the building I assure Anna that it wasn't so bad and that I even enjoyed living by myself. She ponders this for a moment before posing her next question.

"Are you happier now that you have a family?"

Still stopped at the light, I turn and look at the faces of my children. The answer is obvious but the strength with which I feel it hits me hard. "Absolutely," I say. "A million times happier. Nothing makes me happier than our family."

My daughters beam at me and Anna points out that the traffic light is green. The girls crane their necks to see the building as we pass and we continue on our way to the bank.


  1. Ahhh. Sometimes we need a moment of clarity like that. Ahhh.

  2. That is absolutely beautiful!