Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A Jewish daughter at Christmastime

"Mommy, I can't WAIT til Christmas."
"Ok, well you know we don't celebrate that, right?"
"Well it's still going to happen."

Sunday night we had a family Hanukkah party at Dan's cousin's house. His cousin's husband isn't Jewish and their gorgeous home is covered with a really nice mix of both Hanukkah and Christmas decorations. Anna came upon the stockings hanging above the fireplace and asked Dan, "why are those socks so BIG?!"

The girls represented nicely, chatting about Santa - they really like him, even though they don't believe he's real and they know he doesn't come to our house - and saying the prayers over the Hanukkah candles along with everyone else.

It's been really nice holiday season so far. Of course we haven't been to my side of the family's celebration yet. I might have a totally different post after tomorrow night!

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  1. My children have a thing about Santa, too, even though he doesn't come in Belgium.