Monday, August 17, 2009

Not so wild herd

I might not have teams of gorgeous mustangs on my property like The Pioneer Woman, but I do have this exotic herd:

Did you know that these ponies have magnetic feet? I didn't. At least not until the girls went to bed a few nights ago and I walked into my kitchen only to find this scene on my refrigerator door. I love finding little surprises like this. I consider it one of motherhood's bonuses.


  1. i swear your blogs make part of me yearn for daughters.

  2. Niki (NikiandAJ)Tue Aug 18, 09:16:00 AM

    Really! I did not know that and I remember going over to a girls house when I was in grade school and we played my little ponies for hours!!! Can I come over and play with them my redhair will blend right in!! HA HA

    love your blog Mer!

  3. I learn something new everyday. Should I keep this secret to myself to keep ponies out of my kitchen or should I be the cool mom and act like I have a new magic trick? I think I will be the cool mom. Thanks girls!!!