Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Out of the mouths of babes

My 89-year-old grandparents live in a condo about ten minutes from us so I try to take the girls over as often as possible. Of all of the grandchildren and great-grandchildren, the girls and I are the only ones living in the state and so we reap the benefits. My grandma takes an obscene amount of joy from feeding my kids chocolate pudding and ice cream; Anna has learned to call grandpa over to dispense the whipped cream that always ends up on top of whatever sweet she has in front of her. Usually after an hour all parties involved are ready for a nap.

Today's visit was chugging along right on schedule - the grands got their kisses, the girls went running for the M&M dispenser my grandpa keeps near his desk, my grandma's flowers and plants got watered. Then as the girls were feasting on plates heaped with their favorite foods, Anna noticed a picture of my grandpa that was taken approximately sixty years ago. After asking and finding out that the man in the Navy uniform was her great-grandpa, she turned to him and asked, "Why did you have a different face?"


  1. That is hilarious! I LOVE it!!!

    Seriously, your blog is the best!

  2. That is too cute!

    Found your site from dooce - just wanted to say hi.