Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Being mocked by a two-year-old? Hilarious!

Rachel has been engaging in some very reckless behavior lately. Stunts like trying to climb up onto the edge of the wet bathtub while also wet herself, then trying to jump down. Running up the stairs backwards. Jumping down the stairs. Also backwards. She has also become increasingly sneaky about trying these things. One day I was innocently emptying my bladder when Rachel's smiling face came around the corner. She continued to smile as she shut the door and I heard her bare feet not-so-lightly patter up the hallway. The girl loves to lead a chase. She also loves to respond to a reprimand by making a mock-serious face, waving her arms around and going "ooooooooooooohhhh!" And then laughing.

All of this is being described not so much to entertain as to try to explain why on one particularly crazy day, Rachel got swatted on her tushy. Just once, with clothing on. And you can save your scolding remarks because I am getting plenty of guilt from the child herself. For the past few days whenever she is being naughty and sees me coming, she widens her eyes, throws up her hands and says "don't hurt me!" I used to be proud that she spoke so clearly. Now I'm avoiding disapproving glares in public.


  1. That is too funny!
    Thanks for visiting my blog.

  2. HAAAAAAAAAAAA! She sounds like someone I know. Someone named Cole who grabs his hiny with both hands so hard it pushes him forward when he thinks he's about to get swatted!!!