Wednesday, May 07, 2008


So potty training is going well. No really. I'm surprised at how well it's going and overjoyed that even Rachel is taking to it so eagerly. It's just that I had no idea it would be so completely exhausting. These kids have been spending every waking moment in the bathroom. If one goes the other has to go and watch and then try themselves. So every trip is a two-for-one deal on pee, come on down folks!

Ok I may be a bit deranged at this point. But can you blame me really? Oh wait, I haven't told you exactly how many times we went potty today. I know the number because this morning I gave the girls charts for all of their reward stickers. I gave them one sticker for every successful trip to the potty. I know some people give two for poopy but I didn't feel like differentiating that act because it wasn't an issue for the girls. So, how many stickers ended up on each chart? Take a look:

Rachel's chart is on the right. During her eleven waking hours today she went potty nine times. Only two accidents, not bad at all.

However. Please look to the left and take in the glorious splendor that is Anna's chart. Some of the stickers are smaller and harder to see so let me do the counting for you: twenty-two. She went potty twenty-two times today. Who in god's name does that? TWENTY-TWO TIMES!

Now one could reasonably argue that twenty-two times in eleven hours really only means that Anna went on average two trips an hour and what's so crazy about that? To which I would answer, she only got a sticker for each time she successfully went potty. What isn't visible on those charts is the twenty other times we ran into the bathroom, pulled down the panties, tried but nothing came out, switched so the other sister could have her fruitless attempt, struggled back into the panties (Rachel only), tried to finagle a sticker anyway (Anna only) and then got into a screaming match over who got to turn off the bathroom light.

I honestly never intended to become capable of writing in this much detail about the potty habits of toddler girls. And through it all they are so much fun, helping and praising each other. So if you haven't yet clicked away from this page in disgust, here is your reward. A few cute things my kids did today:

Rachel told me all day that she loves her big sister. Her lisp caused it to sound like "I love my big thither!" Paired with her wide beaming smile it was one of the cutest things I've ever heard.

At one point Anna insisted on holding my hand as we walked from the bathroom to the family room . When we got to the couch she stopped, looked up at me and said "we're home!"

I often call Rachel my little monkey and the other night while she was eating meatballs I called her my meatball monkey. Today Rachel was cuddling a large couch cushion on the floor (what, where are YOUR couch cushions?) and Anna said, "Look Mommy, a pillow monkey!"

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