Thursday, May 01, 2008


Anna has long been obsessed with mermaids and most things ocean-related. She gets very excited whenever she sees whales, dolphins, fish - anything connected with life under the sea. Ariel herself is a semi-deity in our household. Even outside the house a spotting of the red haired mermaid on any item from a hair accessory to a box of fruit snacks is worthy of an oooh-aaah moment.

Rachel loves anything Anna does of course but she is definitely partial to Dora. Both of the girls have always enjoyed this show, but the very first note of Dora's theme song sends Rachel into throes of excitement and she gleefully shouts the name of every character as they appear. I've always thought it says so much about Rachel that her favorite character on that series is the mischievous Swiper the Fox.

Well two worlds collided recently and lo and behold Dora had an hour-long episode where she had to save the mermaids. At a certain point Dora actually transforms INTO a mermaid, with an actual TAIL and everything, Mommy, look look LOOK! To top it all off she gets to wear a CROWN like a PRINCESS! The sight of this transformation causes a flood of sighs and gasps to come forth from my children and it is this dramatic even upon the 87th viewing. The only way it could get any better for Anna is if there was chocolate involved.

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