Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Well We DO Live in Ohio

Like many other toddlers, my girls love their Disney movies. They can't get enough of their princesses, Cinderella being the ultimate capital-P-princess. They also love the Pixar movies, especially Cars. Mater pretty much cracks Rachel up. Anna proclaims the character's silliness at regular intervals. We have watched this modern classic approximately six and a half gazillion times.

A few days ago Rachel woke up from her nap earlier than Anna so we had some quiet time together downstairs. With a giggle she batted her eyelashes and repeated something to me that I could not understand. This is rare anymore because she speaks very clearly these days. It sounded like something ending in "-ing" and I took a few guesses but she just patiently repeated herself, smiling wider. I finally realized what it was - her favorite Mater line: "Aw dang." She confirmed with a belly laugh and then repeated it three more times just to amuse herself.

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