Saturday, May 21, 2005


As is probably the case with many working moms, Saturday is my absoulte favorite day. I get the whole day with Anna (usually by myself because Dan works every Saturday). I also get to see the new tricks that Anna has pefected throughout the week. Today's treats:

She's getting better at bearing weight on her legs. I pick her up and set her on her feet and she can "stand" for 5-10 seconds at a time. She gets really excited at this new position. She's already done it three or four times this morning.

Also, for the last week, she likes to grab things in her right hand and swing her arm around frantically in a circular motion. She's done this with everything she's held so far today and managed to throw her teething toy clear across the room - right into daddy's dirty socks. So we're washing that toy now.

The last two hours of activity has worn the poor girl out and now she's in her swing with her ladybug toy, sucking her thumb. This means it's mommy's time to do some housework. I'm sure she'll continue to entertain after her nap. Saturdays rock!

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