Friday, November 05, 2010

Super powers

Anna is filling me in her day, describing a game she played on the playground.

"We were all superheros and we all had super special powers!" I was about as unsurprised as is humanly possible when she announced that she was Anna the Dog with Special Biting Powers.

And Rachel? "Mommy, I was Rachel the Dog!" I send up a quick prayer that Anna's abiding obsession with dogs isn't rubbing off on her sister. "But I had Special Running Powers!"

Anna has an idea. "You could be Super Mommy with Puffy Tummy Power - you would make people feel so cozy!" At this, the girls start giggling hysterically.

I have to ask, "What about Daddy? What's his super power?" She thinks for a minute.

"Daddies hug you really hard... and.... well, they just love you!"

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