Monday, June 07, 2010

This pretty much sums up their relationship right now

Rachel stands in the hallway changing her clothes for the fourth time today. This time she chooses a white robe with a row of buttons down the front. She is patiently working on the five buttons but it's taking her awhile.

Anna spots the struggle from across the room and leaps into big sister mode. "Oh Rachel, let me help you!" She goes to her sister and leans down to complete the job while Rachel coos her affection and gratitude.

When all of the buttons are done Anna stands up and kisses Rachel on the cheek and they share a hug. It is during this hug that Anna spots the mermaid embroidered on the robe and realizes that it is in fact her robe and so she shrieks, "RACHEL!" A shoving match ensues, complete with high-pitched screaming.

And that is their relationship right now: love, affection, tenderness, rage.

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