Sunday, April 12, 2009

Twisting the rules of hospitality

Anna is somewhat obsessed these days with other people's houses. This is a direct side effect of preschool and the resulting play dates she's had with classmates. Interestingly enough she doesn't yet compare the other houses to ours, she just gets excited to see what kind of stuff other families have. So I wasn't all that surprised when on a recent car trip she looked out at the residential neighborhood we were driving through and asked if we could go to "those people's houses." When I pointed out that we don't know those people, she thought for a second and boiled it down to a rule.

"So, if we don't know the people, we don't go to the house?"
"But we could try."
"What should we do, just go up and say 'hi I don't know you but I want to go in your house'?"
(Giggling) "Yes!"
"And when we got in their house what would we do?"
"Ummmmm, ask them their names."

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  1. AHHHH! i love her. i cannot tell you that enough.