Friday, June 13, 2008

My Very First Time

My friend Claire tagged me and it's my first time ever being tagged. I suddenly feel so included. Here I go!

Where were you ten years ago?
I was smack dab in the middle of law school and my social life consisted of... oh right ha ha I had none. I was working as a law clerk at a mid-sized branch of a large law firm and discovering why I never wanted to work for a large law firm.

Five items on your To-Do list today:
Maybe I should starting making those little to-do-list-thingies... hmmm, it's a thought. Here's a shot - 1. Get at least three loads of laundry done (towels and linens), 2. Make rice dish for dinner tonight at my sister-in-law's house, 3. Confirm crazy hectic schedule for Sunday, 4. Get a few more garage sale leftover items listed on craigslist, 5. Buy ingredients to make Father's Day cake.

Snacks I Enjoy
Anything involving cheese. I love cheese. I also enjoy those lime-flavored tortilla chips, especially with guacamole. Any type of party food really. If you'd put it on a table at your Super Bowl party, I'll probably eat it.

What would you do if you were a billionaire?
Pay off the debt of all my family, make sure everyone had a place to live and kids had college funds. Buy a few trinkets and then travel EVERYWHERE.

Places I would live:
Surprisingly, I don't really mind where I live now. Not that much. Weather can be sucky but I guess home is home. But I think I could see living in Chicago. Every time I have visited that city I have felt very comfortable. Or San Francisco, I loved the weather (and I know a couple of cool people who live there too). My family being from New York I guess I should say NYC but I'm not sure. And I always thought I could live in Israel but that was 14 years ago. I'd have to go back again and see how I felt.

Bloggers I'm passing the challenge on to: Well I don't know many people who read me on a regular basis and the ones I do know don't blog themselves. So I will just have to tag Emily because I know she's out there.


  1. Your Worst NightmareFri Jun 13, 11:27:00 PM

    What? I've been relegated to the description of "one of the cool people you know who lives in San Francisco?" I won't be ignored!!!

    (I begged you to get therapy!)

  2. ...after moving to Tangier...

  3. Totally agree with the Super Bowl comment!

  4. I love the lime flavored tortilla chips too!