Monday, May 29, 2006

The Secret Language of Anna

Anna is quite verbal. We are hoping that someday we can learn her language. Several things she says quite clearly: Dad, Mama, Tiger, baby, yeay, tickle. Most other things she says in a funny stream of toddler-speak. She speaks to the television, to the computer, to Rachel; she says hi and then talks into the cell phone on her shoulder. She says ohhhhh when she sees something she likes and uh-oh when something is wrong. She shrieks in delight while being tickled and sometimes even babbles just to be funny when she is in a particularly silly mood.

But my favorite is when she is trying to communicate with me or Dan. Her voice drops to a whisper as she holds up her sippy cup. Tkah, she whispers to me, indicating that the straw is folded away and she needs help. She repeats that strange string of sounds in whisper when she picks some random crumb off of the carpet and hands it to me to throw out. I have no idea what she is actually saying, but she certainly has a way of making her thoughts known.

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